A 24-hour hackathon to build, code, and innovate for diversity

Hack.UVA 2018 is all about diversity! We've got three tracks: Safety, Equality, and Empowerment.

Safety is providing physical and emotional security to those in need. Equality is eliminating social and economic imbalances. And Empowerment goes beyond breaking down barriers by giving people the tools to succeed.

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Participants must be at least 18 years in age. Teams can have at most 4 people. To participate, you must be registered for Hack.UVA 2018 @ hackuva.io.

How to enter

You must submit here on Devpost! Make sure to submit to this hackathon and not just to Devpost. You can also submit on HackerEarth if you want.




Judging Criteria

  • TBD